Whether you’re looking to install a fully integrated home solution or single technology such as solar PV panels – we have the technical skillset to design a bespoke energy system capable of reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your bank balance. In South Africa Solar power provides an ideal source of energy that can be converted into electricity , and with Eskom’s erratic power supply, many Homeowners are exploring the Solar power option. Although the initial set up costs are high , it can save you thousands of rands in the long term.


Reducing costs and going green
  • Lower your energy bills

    Save hundreds of Rands each year by powering your home and electric vehicle with cheaper, cleaner and infinite energy generated by the sun, ground or air.

  • Secure your energy for the future

    Renewable technologies including solar panels allow you to ‘pre-purchase’ your future energy to protect you and your family from future energy price increases.

  • Gain energy independence

    Generate and store your own, clean energy and reduce your reliance on expensive, ‘brown’ energy bought from the National Grid.

A Solar power system is a system that is installed in a house in order to draw energy from the Sun and convert it into electricity. Solar panels , which are installed on the roof, collect solar energy and convert it into DC electricity which is then sent to the Inverter.

The Inverter in turn takes the DC electricity from the Solar panels and charges the batteries.

The batteries are connected to the mains and feed electricity by way of Pure Sine Wave, which protects your sensitive household appliances from Eskom spikes and troughs.

The panels during the day power lighting and various appliances such as Fridges and Freezers, Televisions, laptops, hairdryers, washing machines, dishwashers , kettles, and toasters.

We supply only the best quality Inverters, Level 1 Panels and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, with very good guarantees, which far out weigh the payback period. We tailor the system according to demand from your house once we have measured what your demand is.

We supply whatever system our client requires, and they are modular so can be added to as and when required. Generally we recommend a 5 kw Inverter to perform the functions already mentioned. However if one wants the geyser and other high demanding appliances we would recommend a 10kw system from the outset. We would install timer switches on the geysers to operate them when the Sun is at its highest. This has proved very successful where we have installed timer switches.

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