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Recent events in the World have provided a stark reminder to people everywhere that we depend on this Planet and the Cosmos for our sustenance and well - being. We believe the vast majority of people who own a property are now a potential Solar Energy customer primarily perhaps for its Environmental appeal but in South Africa for the other reasons as well in securing Energy independence, investment potential and cost clarity.

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Solar Power is a great investment

Farming, Business parks, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals and more...

Without the sun, life as we know would not exist. The light and heat radiated by the solar source sustains plant and animal life on earth, providing the fuel for all of the planet’s natural processes. Most of the earth’s surface receives enough sunlight making it viable to use solar energy. In fact, each hour of sunlight that reaches the earth contains potential energy greater than the amount of electricity used annually by every person on the planet. Harnessing solar power will be important for our energy future, providing energy diversity and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels which pollute the environment. Opting for solar Energy is not only financially rewarding but also enables you to make a great contribution to avoid fossil fuel and making our world a better place for today and generations to come. This allows our next generation to be able to experience living in a world that we, the older generation, lived in harmony years ago.

  • Solar energy is abundant in supply
    Solar is renewable and abundantly available in Africa with high irradiation levels.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet
    Take action and join the fight against our climate crisis by switching away from polluting fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil.
  • Gain energy independence
    Generate and store your own, clean energy and reduce your reliance on expensive, ‘brown’ energy bought from the National Grid.
  • Tax relief
    Under SA Tax Legislation a taxpayer installing a solar scheme may claim a tax deduction for the cost of that installation in the year it's installed. This is a specific benefit derived from installing a solar scheme and a client should obtain the advice of a Professional Consultant to determine how best to take advantage of this significant benefit.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Considered a promising energy source for decades, solar panels can be found on everything from rooftops and roadside signs to stadiums and spacecrafts. Solar energy works by taking energy from the sun and changing it into electricity for homes and businesses. Once solar panels are installed on your roof and begin to create energy, there are a few steps required to turn it into energy your home or business can use. As the sun hits the solar panels, they generate direct current (DC) electricity, where the electrons flow around a circuit in one direction. In order for your home to use this energy, it must be converted from DC electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity, where the electrons are pushed and pulled. When you have solar panels installed on your home, you will also have a solar inverter installed. The solar inverter changes the DC output of the solar panels into AC electricity that your home can use.
How Solar works

Strategic Partnerships

We have formed strategic partnerships with several local and international suppliers. In doing so we ensure a superior product, unsurpassed service capability, excellent warranties and spare parts availability.

  • Canadian Solar
  • Solar Edge
  • Mecer
  • SMA

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