Solar panels for farms
New Dawn Solar provide a turnkey supply, installation and maintenance service for agricultural solar panels and offer a range of finance options. With the cost of electricity increasing year on year, many farms are looking to install solar panels in order to reduce their energy bills and maintain profitability. With vast roofs and expanses of unused land, farms are ideal locations for large solar PV systems that can offset high daily electricity consumption and help protect your business against future rises in electricity costs. The huge uptake in solar panels within the agriculture sector speaks volumes and is a true testament to the reliability and strong returns offered.


How can solar panels benefit my farm?
  • Significantly reduce business overheads

    Generate and store free, clean energy on-site and improve your bottom line savings on your electricity bills.

  • Secure your future energy

    Pre-purchase electricity at a fixed unit price, forecast your long-term energy costs and protect your business against future increases in utility prices.

  • Protect your business from power shortages

    Generate and store your own energy, reduce reliance on the National Grid and protect your business from potential rationing and infrastructure failure.

  • Tax exemptions

    Solar panels are classed as plant and machinery and are eligible for capital allowances.

Many Farms across South Africa have benefited from their investment in Solar Energy. This is made a reality by the savings experienced once the equipment is paid for reflected in a substantial improvement to the Business bottom line because a Solar system requires very little maintenance over time.

Interested or would like more information?

New Dawn Solar is highly experienced in supplying Agricultural building Solar Solutions. If you would like more informational along with the facts and the figures on how you can benefit from solar please get in touch by requesting a fee consultation.

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