Delivering financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence
Working with blue-chip companies, local authorities and SMEs across all industry sectors, we supply South African businesses with a range of turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence. Whether your business is looking to save money, save the environment or secure cheaper, clean energy for the future; we are renewable energy experts, capable of designing a bespoke energy system that delivers results.


Reducing business overheads and improving sustainability
  • Significantly reduce business overheads

    Generate and store free, clean energy on-site and improve your bottom line with savings on energy costs.

  • Protect your business from power shortages

    Generate and store your own energy, reduce reliance on Eskom and protect your business from potential rationing and infrastructure failure.

  • Secure your future energy supply

    Pre-purchase energy at a fixed unit price, forecast your long-term energy costs and protect your business against future increases in utility prices.

  • Achieve a healthy ROI

    A typical commercial solar panel system will provide free energy for more than 25 years and payback installation costs within 4-5 years for grid-tied and 6-8 years for off-grid.

  • Save the planet and our environment

    Utilise clean, renewable energy to offset your corporate carbon footprint, lower your energy demand from fossil fuels and reduce your pollution

  • Create a competitive advantage

    Visibly promote your green initiatives, improve corporate reputation and strengthen relationships with supply chains and customers.

Many businesses across South Africa have benefited from their investment in Solar Energy. This is made a reality by the savings experienced once the equipment is paid for reflected in a substantial improvement to the Business bottom line because a Solar system requires very little maintenance over time.

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