New Dawn Solar

New Dawn Solar

New DawnSolar Energy (Pty) set up as an Energy Developer in response to the need for a specialist role like this and based on the complementary skills of the company management.

Our Management Team

Rennie Anderson
Rennie Anderson

A Lawyer as Commercial Director with extensive commercial experience in property, staff evaluation & management.

Harvey Anderson
Harvey Anderson

Economist and ex-farmer as Director responsible for growing the business in the farming & Agricultural processing sectors.

The Services we offer

The Solar industry is set up with Specialist Contractors who design, procure, install and commission solar schemes. These companies are known as Solar EPC’s. As Developers we interface between the client and EPC to help with:

  • Planning of schemes and advising on options
  • Conducting pre scheme energy evaluations/auditing
  • Sizing to best effect
  • Assessing feasibilities and advising on financing (where required)
  • Tax planning
  • Selecting and appointing the Solar EPC
  • Ensuring the appointed EPC installs and commissions the project in terms of the contract and meets HSE compliance

Solar Energy is a relatively new concept for most Property owners and the Development function we provide is to give the owner surety and advice that they are getting value in the solution provided and are getting a scheme that is properly designed and functional for the purpose required.

It’s also a highly technical process and Electricity by its nature is dangerous and careful planning and design are required on all schemes which is what we as Developers ensure in selecting the right Contractors both technically and price-wise.

Most property owners want to own their Solar schemes and to secure the full commercial benefit provided by a typical solar project but others choose to benefit from the clean & consistent power from solar but who are unwilling or unable to fund the capital cost of the solar scheme. Our Developer role extends, in these situations, to arranging third party owners who are prepared to own the scheme and lease it back, or the property owner may choose to lease the scheme himself with the view to taking ownership when the scheme is paid off.

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